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A Special Message to Parents From Master Cris Nelson

National Karate Instructors and students welcomed me in with open arms. The instructors did an amazing job of making sure everyone in class got their attention to learn new skills.


Both of our boys have been going to National Karate since they were four. In the beginning it was to get them involved in a sport, but once we saw how wonderful the teachers were and how much they cared about the kids we knew we picked the right place. As our kids have grown, NK has helped them build self confidence, they’ve learned good sportsmanship, and they’ve learned the valuable skill of self defense should they ever need to use it. I believe NK has played a big part in the young gentlemen they’ve become. I highly recommend NK!


Best all around martial arts school!! Absolutely love it, couldn’t be happier since day one of signing my children and myself up. Phenomenal instructors for all ages and all levels! Very open, upfront and flexible with all the different belt programs and variety of classes available for different wants/needs.



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